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    Selected articles written by Jay Koh and various collaborators, please click title for article


   Artist's Research Text on Methodology (academic essay)

    Kantonen, Lea (ed.),  Ankaraa ja myttuntoista kuuntelua. Keskustelevaa kirjoitusta paikkasidonnaisesta taiteesta. Kuvataideakatemia, 2010, Helsinki.  (The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki)


   A Virtuoso with Multiple Faces co-author with Chu Yuan

   Published in Asia Art Archive Newsletter May 2010


   Intro to Dialogical Practice is the full version of the essay Are u a SPY? 

   Published in Visual Artists Ireland newsletter May/June 2010


    Articles written for the Irish Chinese Culture and Sport Association by Jay Koh, published in the Sun Emerald Chinese weekly newspaper as part of the informal workshop for the cross cultural project Reading Self, Reading Others. Published in Chinese and English.

    November 2009, The Secret Life of Images, pdf 435 KB

    December 2009, Relationship of Everyday Life, pdf 250 KB

    December 2009, The Visual Culture of Chinatowns, pdf 192 KB



   Across Divides and Beliefs

    Jay Koh's essay as one of the lead curator in the Multifaceted Curator Symposium in Bandung and Jakarta organised by

    Goethe Institute and Asia-Europe Foundation, March 2006 published as a CD in 2007


    Locating the Mobile Artists: from Cultural Diversities to Local Specificities co-author with Chu Yuan

    Reflections on various artist-in-residences' experiences, Pdf 530 KB

    Published by ResArtis and Asia-Europe Foundation, 2006


   Politics of the Self in the Negotiation of Solidarities


    This paper was a presentation given by Jay Koh in Critiquing Critical Art, Lopez Museum, Manila 2002

    Published (co-author with Chu Yuan) in Locus: Interventions in Art Practice by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Manila 2005



   Potholes and Corners:Intentions, Desires and Constrains of Cross- and Inter-cultural activities. 

    This paper was a presentation given by Jay Koh in   Links, Platform and Networks, Hong Kong Art Museum, Hong Kong 2003

    Published in Chinese and English in Links, Platform and Networks, Publications of Asia Art Archive (AAA), Hong Kong and

    International Association of Art Critics Hong Kong (AIAC/HK), 2004

    Published in Vietnamese in the Culture and Arts Journal, Vietnamese Information and Culture Department, 2007


   Restricted Contemporaries :Art Practices in present MyanmarPdf 370 KB

    Published in "collaboration" with Jaera Han in The Art Magazine, Singapore, May 2004


   Art Activism and Cross-cultural Projects in Thailand and Myanmar: The Need to Open up Structures for Engagement.

    Published in 2002 by Focas (Forum on contemporary art and society) #2, Singapore and later online in the web magazine "Ezine"

    Published 2007 in Vietnamese, online versionPart 1 andPart 2. For those assessing these sites inside Vietnam,

    please use these linksPart 1 andPart 2



    This essay was commissioned for the catalog Station to Station: Images of the World, Copenhagen,

    Danish Center for Culture and Development (DCCD), Denmark, 2000    

    The printed versions are in Danish and English both were censored into a depleted version.

    58 referred to the 58 Chinese persons from Southern China found dead in a refrigeration truck entering Dover from Oostende in 1999-2000




   Engaged Art in Public Spaces /Sztuka zaangazowana w przestreniach publicznych  Pdf 820KB

    This seminar was given in 2001 in Gdansk followed a year later by "City Transformer". It is published in English and Polish in  the City Transformer's catalog. Since 2001 the contents have been updated several times to keep up with the learning processes of the authors.