Selected CV of Jay Koh, Doctor of Fine Arts                                                    E contact:


Present Positions and Responsibilities:


Founder and Director of iFIMA - international Forum for InterMedia Art established in 1995.



Art-Led Participative Processes: Dialogue & Subjectivity within Performances in the Everyday, University of the Arts Helsinki, 2015, Helsinki

New Edition with Preface by SRID/Gerakbudaya, 2016, Kuala Lumpur

Doctor of Fine Art studies, interdisciplinary artistic research and praxis, thesis titled: Art-Led Participatory Processes: Subject to Subject Communication within Performances in the Everyday at the University of Arts (Finnish Academy of Fine Arts), Helsinki, Finland.

Professional activities
Centre Associates of Asia Centre, Bangkok 
Reviewer for manuscripts for Cultural Geographies, Journal, SAGE, UK and Kemanusiaan: The Asian Journal of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang
Commissioned mentor services in socially engaged and public participatory art practice from 2007 to 2010 for artists and communities
Commissioned research on best practice for mentorship for artists, cultural workers and communities 
External evaluation and mediation of public art, art resource development activities,
rural community and social engaged art project 
Continually research on ecological affirmation of socially engaged, public participatory and community art practice




Notes on Jay Koh and Chu Yuan's Collaborative Practice, 2009

Selected Portfolio from Chu Yuan & Jay Koh, pdf doc. 2.8MB, 2008

Selected Articles written by jay koh till 2010



Selected Grants, Awards and Support received


Japan Foundation

Prince Claus Fund, The Netherland

Asian Cultural Council, New York

Ford Foundation, Asia

Heinrich Boell Foundation, Germany

Goethe Institute, Germany

ArtHub, Asia

Arts Network Asia

California College of Arts

LEE Foundation and National Arts Council, Singapore

British Council

Arts Council, Ireland

Creative Scotland, UK

The Academy of Finland Research Grant

Grundtvig/Ecorys UK/EU training grant


Selected Artist Residencies and Fellowships


2000    - Grazer KunstVerein, Austria

2001    - The Substation, Investigating Public Engaged Art in SIngapore

2005    - HIAP, Helsinki International Artist / Curator Programme

            - IASPIS, Sweden

2006    - BizArt, Shanghai

2008    - Dublin City Art Residency, The Red Stable

2010    - Curator and Cultural diversity Fellowship, North East Scotland, Creative Scotland

2011    - TAV Pulau Ubin International artist residency, Singapore

2011-13 - Spaced 2, Western Australia


Selected Publications

2016         Working 'with' - not 'for' or 'about' - Others,  UNSEEN: Conversations from Across the Constellation, BRACKmag 2016, Singapore

2010          Artist's Research Text on Methodology (academic essay) Kantonen, Lea (ed.),  Ankaraa ja myttuntoista kuuntelua. Keskustelevaa kirjoitusta paikkasidonnaisesta taiteesta. Kuvataideakatemia, 2010, Helsinki. (The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki)


                    A Virtuoso with Multiple Faces co-author with Chu Yuan Published in Asia Art Archive Newsletter May 2010


                    Intro to Dialogical Practice, the edited version of this essay Are u a SPY? was published in Visual Artists Ireland newsletter May/June 2010

2006             Locating the Mobile Artist: from Cultural Diversities to Local Specificities inResidencies: Spaces + Artists + Managers + Communities, Berlin, UFA Fabrik,, RES ARTIS and Asia Europe Foundation. Pg.18-26, co-author: CHU, Chu Yuan (ArtworkPortraying Ourselves featured on cover of this publication)

2005             Politics of the Self in the Negotiation of Soilidarities in Locus: Interventions in Art Practice, Manila, a PROJECT OF Lopez Memorial Museum and Pananaw ng Sinnig Bayan Inc, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Pg.188-193, co-author: CHU, Chu Yuan

City Transformers 2002 Gdansk, Danzig, Poland, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk. Pg.15-19, co-author: CHU, Chu Yuan, Published in English and Polish


2004             Potholes and Corners: Intentions, Desires and Constraints of Cross and Intercultural Activities in Links, Platform and Networks, Publications of Asia Art Archive (AAA), Hong Kong and International Association of Art Critics Hong Kong (AIAC/HK), Hong Kong, Published in Chinese, English and later in Vietnamese in the The National Culture and Arts Magazine ( Tạp chķ Văn hóa Nghệ thuật), Hanoi, 2007, NR.5

2002             Vasan Sitthiket, son activisme et le groupe Ukabat, Inter 81, art actuel, Quebec, Canada 2002. Published in French

                  Encounters in Engagement: Investigating Public Engaged Art in Singapore, Section One-Public Engaged Art, focas #4, Forum On Contemporary Art & Society, Singapore, Pg. 38 – 52, co-author: CHU, Chu Yuan. Editorial for Section One, Pg 24 - 221

2001            The Need for Opening up Structures for more Effective Engagement, focas #2, The Necessary Stage, Singapore, Pg.115 – 130, Published in English and later online in Vietnamese

2000             "58", commissioned essay for catalogue of Station to Station: Images of the World, Danish Center for Culture and Development (DCCD), Denmark, Copenhagen, Published in English and Danish


Selected Bibliography and Reviews (excluding press)

2014              Fiona Whelan, TEN; Territory, Encounter & Negotiation, A critical memoir of a socially engaged artist, Dublin, Ireland

2013           Chu Chu Yuan, Negotiation-as-Active-Knowing: an Approach Evolved from Relational Art      Practice, PhD thesis, Gray’s School of Art,              Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland.

2012            Nora A. Taylor and Boreth Ly, editors., Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Art: An Anthology Ithaca, N.Y: Cornell University, SEAP Press

                    Federation of Ethnic Communities’ Councils of Australia, Factsheet on Collaborative Art – Avenues for Expression for Young People in Multicultural Settings

2011            Grant H. Kester, The One and the Many: Contemporary Collaborative Art in a Global Context, Duke University Press

2011            Tony Fisher (2011) Radical Democracy Theater, Performance Research, 16:4, 15 - 26

2009             Malcolm Miles, Aesthetics in a Time of Emergency, Third Text, 23: 4, 421 – 433

2007             Mick Wilson, Autonomy, Agonism, and Activist Art: an Interview with Grant Kester in Art Journal, Vol. 66, no. 3, Fall 2007, College Art Association, New York, USA (ArtworkOffering of Mind featured on cover of this issue)

                   taide 2 / 07, Finnish art magazine, Jay Koh ja kuuntelemisen taide, Helsinki, 2007

2004            Grant H. Kester, Conversation Pieces: Community and Communication in Modern Art, University of California Press, 2004, USA

2003            Theory in Contemporary Art since 1985, edited by Zoya Kocur and Simon Leung, Blackwell Publishing 2003, New York/ USA

2000             KunstForum Bd 149, Kunst und Kapital: metaphorische Symbiose und politische Kritik, Juergen Raap, Cologne/ Germany

1999             Grant Kester, The Art of Listening (and of Being Heard): Jay Koh's Discursive Networks in Third Text, Special Sum. Edition 1999, ed. Sean Cubitt, Liverpool/ UK 


Selected Commissioned Works and Activities from 2005 – 2012


Speaker at The Asian Art and Performance Consortium (AAPC) international symposium, Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy, Helsinki

Experts meeting - Revisiting Cultural Diversity and the Art System, Piet Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academie/Hogeschool Rotterdam

Speaker in OpenHere events, Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin

Speaker at the ResArtis 13thGeneral Meeting 2012, TOKYO, U THANT conference hall and Tokyo Women Plaza

Experts Meeting on Microresidence Program, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo

Consultant and curator to setup art education and community art programme for LokaAhlinn, NGO in Yangon, Myanmar


Consultant and curator to setup an art education and community art programme in Myanmar, LokaAhlinn NGO

Cultural Diversity fellowship with Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen,  supported by a grant from Creative Scotland. Curating public participatve art projects in Aberdeen and acting as shadow curator for Deveron arts in Huntly, Ne Scotland

Evaluator of an intenational artist award for Prince Claus Fund, the Netherland

Curator for the Open Academy Ulaanbaatar, 2nd phase  funded by Prince Claus Fund, The Netherland

Participant in the course Art and Dialogue, Elan Interculturel, Paris



Speaker for eventWhat can Art do? Organised by PEN and INDEX in London

Keynote address on artistic research/practice for North East Scotland Visual Research Training Network Summer School at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Curating and moderating the event International Networking, Mobility, Art and Environment for Deveron Arts in collaboration with Peacock Visual Arts and Scottish Sculpture Workshop in NE Scotland.

Speakers on the panel for VERGE magazine, GMIT (Galway Mayo Institute of Technology)

Presenting a paper for the Association for Chinese Studies Ireland, University College Dublin

Essays, Interviews and articles for Visual Artists Ireland, Asia Art Archive, Research on Mentor Practice of Common Ground and CREATE, Ireland, book publication for The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

Curating the Reading Self and Reading Others, Dublin 

Curating Art in Research Practice with visiting researchers and practitioners from Asia and Europe for Dublin City Council Arts Office and CREATE- Ireland in collaboration with Australia National Univerity, Robert Gordon University, UK, Trinity College, National College for Arts and Design, Galway City Council and Red Stables Studio in  Ireland.

Hosting researcher from the PhD art programme of Australia National University, Canberra.

Provide mentoring for Irish artists and participants of public participative art project.



Commissioned by Galway City Council, Co. Clare, Ireland to work with the Travellers Community in Carrowbrowne Halting Site.

Awarded funding to carry out a cross cultural project with a new community in Dublin by The Arts Council's Artist in the Community Scheme managed by CREATE-Ireland

As mediator for the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council Arts Office, public art programme, “Place & Identity”

Mentor in the mentoring project programme that research on best practice for artists and community organised by Create-Ireland and Common Ground, Dublin

Conduct a 2 days workshop and mentoring activities for participants of the summer semester on collaborative art for Cittadellarte, UNIDEE- University of Idea, Bielle, Italy

Conduct a workshop as part of the international colloquium for The Festival of Emergent Art on Practice-as-Research for the Central School for Speech and Drama, University of London

Speaking on the 2 days discussion on Public Art, GradCAM (PhD programme of National College for Art and Design, Dublin Institute of Technology, Ulster University and Institute for Art Design and Technology) and visiting lecturer with MAVIS/IADT in Dublin

Organise an international colloquium on Public and Participative Art: Performance in Everyday Life for the Postgraduate Prog., The Finnish Academy of Fine Art, Helsinki

Curator for the Open Academy Ulaanbaatar, 1st phase  funded by Prince Claus Fund, The Netherland

Contributed a video work to the International Guerrilla Video Festival held in association with Open Spaces, Dublin City Council



Ni Hao - Dia Duit cross community art project, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Evaluator and consultant for the public art and rural community project, X-PO, Kilnaboy, Co.Clare, Republic of Ireland

Evaluator on cultural heritage issue in a southest Asian country commissioned by Prince Claus Fund of The Netherland

Independent evaluator commissioned by CREATE-IRELAND on art development activities in North Clondalkin and West Tallaght, SDCC, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Provide mentorship activities for artists working in public and community projects, commissioned by Common Ground, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Conducting open learning and resource development seminars and workshops for the art communities as part of the Open Academy programme in Hanoi and Hue, Vietnam organised by Dongson Today Foundation and supported by FORD Foundation.


Curating the 1st phase of a 3 phases programme of Open Academy Ulaanbaatar with the Fine Arts Institute, Mongolian University for Culture and the Arts and Blue Sun artists community in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia supported by Prince Claus Fund.


Artist and consultant in Residence with 1948 art space and participating in the art and community project "Entry Points" in Seri Kembangan, Malaysia


Presented the paper “Mindsets, Divides and Narratives” in the interdisciplinary workshop, RO-MD/Moldova in Two Scenarios organised by KSAK-Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau, Moldova with support from Association Vector, Iasi, Rumania





Selection panel of the open call section of the Textile Biennale 07, Kuanas, Lithuania with Prof.Janis Jeffries for Visual Arts, Goldsmith London and Linara Dovydaityte, Curator of Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius


Symposium and Retreat of FreeDimensional in Breuninger Stiftung, Wasan Island, Toronto, Canada


Lecture in Barcelona, Pati Manning, Barcelona Provincial Council, “Mediating across Divides and in between Layers“ at the “Culture and Conflict Prevention” seminar commissioned by ARCADE (Awareness Raising on Culture and Development in Europe) and ACTED (Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development)


Lecture in Wolverhampton; commissioned by CADRE (Centre for Art, Design, Research and Experimentation), School of Art & Design, University of Wolverhampton, UK to present his paper “Performances in Everyday Public: Engaged Art Practice“


Speaker in the specialist panel on “Working in Public” in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Organised by Gray’s School of Art in the Faculty of Design and Technology of the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen





As one of 3 lead curators chosen by Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) to assist the organizers (ASEF, Goethe Institute, Jakarta and Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung) in the selection of participants and creating the programmes for the workshops of The Multi Faceted Curatorin Jakarta and Bandung in Indonesia, March 2006. 22 participating curators came from 37 countries in Asean+3 and the European Union. 


Research trip and the Visiting Artist/Lecturer programme of University of California San Diego, Spring 2006 with artist groups in Los Angeles and Tijuana 


Research presentation of Art activities in Asia at the Mexico: Gateway to the Americas, Mexico City organized by the National Council for Culture and the Arts of Mexico and ResArtis


Conducting the workshop Articulating the Art Encounter: Art Criticism and Writing Workshop in the Singapore Art Museum.


Research, seminars and collaboration with CityArts, Dublin, Ireland to set up research for a public art project and an intercultural project. 


Research and collaboration with Arts Council of Mongolia to set up a resource development programme for art and culture in Ulaanbaatar  

Presentation and documentation show "Public Moment" in Artist Forum International, 2006 in Seoul, and symposium for "Artist Mobility" in Gwangju Biennial, Gwangju.


Artist In Residency with Bizart, Shanghai, investigating the structures and projections of BizArt


Panel discussion in the Informal European Theatre Meeting, Helsinki


Lectures in NCAD, Dublin and GMIT, Galway in Ireland






Symposium "Art and Social Intervention: the Incidental Person" in Tate Britain, London/ UK


Performance Studies international #11, Providence, Brown University, Rhodes Island presenting a paper "Setting up an Uncomfortable Site" within the panel, Intervention.


Symposium on "Art and Knowledge-Encounter in Intercultural art projects", Helsinki Art Museum and Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki/ Finland


Public Art project "Portraying Ourselves" commissioned by Loennstroem Art Museum, Raumar/ Finland


A Presentation about IFIMA, ARTCONCEPT, St. Petersburg, Russia


Presentation inAsian Artists' Mobility, Taiwan artist village assoc. Tainan and Taipei, Taiwan


Presentation in Res Artist#10, Sharing Cultures and Social Changes, panel "Curating Differences", House of the Cultures of the World and Ufa Fabrik Berlin International Cultural Centre, Berlin, Germany


Presentation in Living Art Museum, Reykjavik and research on Icelandic art scene hosted by for Icelandic Art), Iceland


Research trip to Dublin and take part in the Art in the City - Document 17, hosted by CityArts, Dublin, Ireland


Conducting a workshop on Dialogue in art practices within the frame work of Dialogical and Engaged Art, Bildmuseet, Umea, Sweden




Activities Categorised by Type from 1993 to 2007


Selected Group Exhibitions


2000               Translation, Displacement and Actualisation, Galerie 68elf, Cologne, Germany, international show and symposium, part of Heimat Kunst, a federal german culture programme organized by the House of Cultures of the World, Berlin and Art Council Cologne.

1999-2000     The Other X/change, Beijing, China/ Cologne, Germany

1997             100x videos, Bali Kino, Kassel Film and Video Society, Documenta X, Kassel/ Germany

1993             45th Venice Biennial, In Between, Turkey's inaugural contribution, Venice/ Italy



Selected Solo Exhibitions


2004              "M - Project", Lokanat Gallery, Yangon/ Myanmar

1994              "Stored thinking", Gallery arting, Cologne/ Germany

1992              "Interaction", Gallery Het Getal-0, Amsterdam/ Holland + Gallery arting, Cologne/ Germany



Selected Performances


2001             Facet of Loves, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka/ Japan 

1997                TransArt Communication: 9th International Multimedia Art Festival, Nove Zamky, & Samorin/ Slovakia Republic und in Mucsarnok Art Museum, Budapest, Hungary

1993             "perfect traveller", Nuyorican Poets Cafe, New York/ USA


Selected Videos


2010              10, contribution to the International Guerrilla Video Festival

2000              Small movement in World Art, Beijing and Gaungzhou/China

1998              The End of Om, Lhasa/ Tibet , Yunan/China and Bangkok/Thailand 

1996              The Red Sack, Minsk and Rowkowitschi/ Belarus 


Selected Curated Public Art Projects


2002               City-Transformer, Danzig/ Poland 

2001-2            M-Spaces: crossover or assimilation, Nokia-Singapore Art 01, Great Hall@MilleniaWalk, Singapore

1996              ET - Exchanging Thoughts, ChiangMai Social Installation, open markets in ChaingMai, Thailand

1990-3            Genopoly, Bonn, Cologne and Dueren/ Germany



Selected Curated Symposiums/ Conferences


2005            Art and Knowledge, Helsinki Art Museum and Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki

2002            Public Engaged Art, The Substation, Singapore.

                  Symposium and Project on COLLABORATION, NETWORKING AND RESOURCE-SHARING: MYANMAR, Ayerwaddy Art Assembly, Yangon, Myanmar.

                  Critiquing Critical Art, Pananaw Ng Sining Bayan, Inc., Lopez Museum, Manila, The Philippines 


Selected Conducted Workshops and Seminars


2005            Art appreciation and writings, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore

                  Student assessments on independent activities, Tempere Polytechnic, Finland

2002            Creative Centre, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

2001            Seminar on Engaged Art, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Danzig / Poland



Selected Lectures 


2001            Public Engaged Art practice, Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, Danzig / Poland   

2000            Symposium on Cultural x/Change, Crossing Cultures: Theories and Practices on Engaged Art, Museum of Site and Shanghai Street Artspace, Hong Kong Art Development Council, Hong Kong

1998           Littoral "Critical Sites", Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art and Technology, Dublin/ Ireland  

1997-8         Critical Art Practice in ShilpaSamannaya Art Centre, Chittagong; Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University andShilpakala Academy in collaboration with Goethe Institut, Dhaka, Bangladesh 


View selected texts/publications written after 2000


Images of Works/Activities, pre- 2000