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Critical Art Ensemble (CAE) is a collective of five new genre artists that was formed in 1987. Since that time, the group has produced art work, events, and theory that explores and critiques models of representation used in capitalist political-economy to sustain and promote authoritarian policies.
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Grant Kester - was an art historian who teaches at Washington State University in the US, is the editor of ART, ACTIVISM AND OPPOSITIONALITY: ESSAYS FROM AFTERIMAGE. Since July 1999, heis an Assistant professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory at Arizona State University. He is the editor of Art, Activism and Oppositionality, Duke University Press, 1998 and is currently completing work on a book titled Words that Hear: Discourse and Counter-Discourse in Modern Art.grant´s texts

Wladyslaw Kazmierczak - born in 1951. Lives in Ustka, Slupsk and Cracow. Poland. Educated at the Academy Fine Art in Cracow. In 1979 started with performance art. Over 100 performances in Poland, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Switzerland. Director of the BWA Galleries in Slupsk. Curator and organiser of the performance art festivals in Poland.

Jay Koh - an artist, born in Singapore, stateless. Work mainly in Asia and Europe, based in Bangkok and Cologne. Founder of arting and IFIMA.
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John Latham - "the last genuinely avant-garde artist" - J.A.Walker. Founder of APG ( Artist Placement Group ) with Barbara Steveni, now evolved to O + I ( Organisation and Imagination ) based in London. John Latham: 210 Bellenden Road, London SE15 4BW Tel./Fax +44 (0)171 639 3597. O + I address: Barbara Steveni, exe. director: 68 Anstey Road, London SE15 4JY Tel./Fax +44 (0)171 732 7400

Stefan Römer - artist and author, Römer studied art history, ethnology and comparative religious science at Bonn and Cologne universities. His dissertation is on "The Concept of Fake". Since 1991, he is also a journalist and has published articles in german and austrian art magazines, dailies and radio programmes. { Konkret, KunstForum, Springerin, Texte zur Kunst and TAZ }
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