Womanifesto II, Bangkok

Critical Art Practice in Asia, Bangkok

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Womanifesto II, Bangkok

Sunday Galerie, Sunday Plaza, Chatuchat Weekend Market, Bangkok
28th Feb. 1999, Sunday at 17.00hr ( 5.00 pm )

An IFIMA cooperation with the Womanifesto II, Bangkok coordinated by Jay Koh

Frauen Museum, Bonn/Germany
A talk given by
Ms Inge Broska on the histroy, work and projects of the Frauen Museum in Bonn, Germany ( founded 1981 ). This is the first women museum in the world and it show the historical and contemporary art projects from the perspective of the women and organised by women. Ms. Inge Broska, a managing executive of the museum will also introduce art projects of the artist group "Zart und Zackig".

Email: Ms Inge Broska
Sponsor: Goethe Institut, Bangkok

Women Beyond Borders, Graz/Austria - Project´s Homepage.
This mailart project consisting of 180 objects contributed by artists from 15 countries are presented in showcases in a train that travel from Graz/Austria to St.Petersburg/GUS through Hungary, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus. This is a production of a virtual and real journey that cross 8 borders moderated by
Ms Veronika Dreier, Ms Doris Jauk-Hinz and Ms Eva Ursprung.

Organisation: W.A.S.- Women Art Support, WAS´s Homepage.
Ms Veronika Dreier, Ms Doris Jauk-Hinz, Ms Eva Ursprung

Sponsors: Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Austria * Women Dept., City of Graz * Art Council, Graz

Global Misunderstandings, Regensburg/Germany
This international project initiated by
Ms. R. H. Schmid as a contribution to Womanifesto II, Bangkok. The artist believe that there is a large global misunderstandings in our daily communication, using the medium languages in form of writtings on paper to visualise on this issue. This project has the aim to continue this form of dialogue till the next Womanifesto.
Ms. Regina

Organisation: Kunst Knoten e.V., Regensburg/Germany

Sponsor: Women Dept., City of Regensburg* Art Council, Regensburg

Critical Art Practice in Asia,Bangkok

FCCT ( Foreign Correspondence Club Thailand )
Penthouse, Maneeya Centre, 518/5 Ploenchit Rd, Bangkok 10330

5th March 1999, Friday at 1900hr( 7.00 pm )

Critical Art in Thailand - a constructive dialogue with the West

An IFIMA cooperation with the FCCT coordinated by Jay Koh

Moderator: Kraisak Choonhavan - Adviser to the Governor of BMA ( Bangkok Metropolitan Administration) and Head of Bangkok Art Centre Project

Panel: Chumpon Apisuk - Art-activist, co-founder of Concrete House, Long term social and cultural projects like the "Naam Chewit" and "Empower"
Thanom Chapakdee - Art Lecturer, Art Critic and U-Kabat member( his MA thesis is on " Ideology and Contemporary Art in Thailand, 1950 -1990" )
Michael Shaowanasai - Artist, Project 304
Jay Koh - Artist ( founder of arting and IFIMA. www.arting.com ) text to this discussion
Performance: Mongkol Plienbangchang, Paisan Plienbangchang, Vasan Sitthiket - Artists and U-Kabat members

Writeup: In view of the prevail of eurocentric criteria being use by western journalism. Art and culture activists will like to take this opportunity to enter into a constructive dialogue with journalists from the west. This is inline with the present effort to initiate an awareness for openess and democracy in Thailand and in Asean using the medium of critical art practice.
Some of the points that we'll bring up are the:
1)The doctrine of Culture supremacy
2)The Hybrid Culture in Thailand
3)The prevalent of Eurocentric criteria
4)Open dialogue with western journalists
5)To create a cooperation to set up a forum for constructive critism.

*U-Kabat Group - the most famous and oldest artist group in Thailand dealing with social and environmental issues.
*Concrete House - art centre for social art and culture.
arting - art organisation network in asia and europe. Founded IFIMA ( International Forum Inter-Media Art )
*Bangkok Art Centre Project
*Project 304 - a production gallery