Bangladesh Friendship Education Society

Mahmudul Haque Paintings

Tayeba Lipi Installations

Mahbubur Rahman Sculptures

Mahbubur Rahman Paintings

Syed Manzoorul Islam Impressions & Comments, germany, summer 1998


SHILPASAMANNAYA Centre for Development of Arts

Myanmar / Burma

Oriental Curtain Cologne, Sept.1999


Aung Myint Performances + Installation, May 98

San Minn Paintings, July 99

Jay Koh
Performances -
public act, May 98


Phyu Mon Performances

Phyu Mon Painting

Chan Aye Painting

Kyi Wynn Painting

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Burma Project
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Free Burma



The OTHER X / change, Beijing - Cologne, 1999 - 2000

Beijing / Peking

Artist Store House
The Other X / change, June 99

Zhou Yi Bin
Video, May 99

Xu Xiao Yu
Fotoinstalation, July 99

Guangzhou / Canton

Feng Qian Yu
Fotos, 98

Zheng Guo Gu
Fotos, 98

Hong Kong

Kum Chi Keung
Installation, June 99

Hay Young & Company
Performance, June 97

Hay Young
Performances in Cologne, June 97

Jay Koh
Special Offer Culture, June 97

New Territory

Museum of Site MOST Discussion, June 99


Krungthep / Bangkok

Project 304

Mai Pen Rai - Nuclear
in art community Raung Pung, November 1995.
Event organised by the Bangkok Outsider. Protest against the French nuclear test in the Pacific.

Never My Land
in Sunday Gallery, Bangkok.
Event about the recent economic crisis in Thailand.

Art Symposium
Concrete House, Bangkok

Thai artist in Kunsthalle Muscanok, Budapest
Paisan Plienbangchang



Tibetan Art
Thangka Gallery & Workshop

Lhasa 1997
Slide show

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